Applications of packaging

Food Packaging

Plastics play a major role in today's food packaging. Its numerous advantages make it the product of choice for all sorts of food and beverages. Plastic packaging is light as well as durable and enables our economy to save resources and reduce food loss thanks to its superior conservation abilities.  


The use of plastics in transport packaging - for moulded crates, shrink and stretch film pallet-wrapping, moulded plastics pallets, bubble films, sacks for industrial products is very demanded.

Its agility, high strength-to-weight ratio as well as its UV and tear resistance are only some of the reasons for its success. Water-resistance of plastic packaging saves energy, space and money.

Beauty Sector

In the beauty sector it ensures consumer safety by meeting all the crucial requirements of styling, colour, feel, chemical resistance, preservation and accurate dosage. Plastic packaging can adapt easily to trends in cosmetics or make-up formulations. It can facilitate better make-up or skincare practices.

Medical Sector

Healthcare product packaging meets the high standards for user safety, preservation, hygiene, discretion and efficiency. The chemical resistance, transparency and toughness of plastics enhance safety and efficiency. As plastics can be moulded to any shape, protecting product contents, it is the optimal container for shipping and storing intricate medical instruments. Sealing systems for controlled dosage, child-proof and tamper-proof packaging are essential to the industry.

Cleaning Products

Whether used in homes, industry, retailing or agriculture, plastic also is the main packaging material for cleaning products. Plastic packaging products ensure safety and optimal dosage thanks to their chemical resistance and lightness.

Hazardous Goods Packaging 

The outstanding toughness of plastic packaging also makes it the material of choice for the safe transportation of dangerous substances. The chemical and UV resistance, combined with the toughness and light weight of plastic packaging products make them a safe, easy and cost effective solution for the packaging of hazardous goods. 

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